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Valérie Lamontagne


Since 2005

© Julia Marois. Photo courtesy of Valérie Lamontagne

Valérie Lamontagne is an artist, designer and researcher with an interest in smart clothing and accessories. She is the owner and designer of 3lectromode, a Montreal wearable electronics atelier started in 2010 that is dedicated to crafting and consulting in this field. She also launched the Fashiontech Festival in Montreal in 2017, an event that brings together stakeholders from various sectors and academia to discuss the theme of fashion and technology. Valérie Lamontagne has also curated a number of exhibitions, notably The Future of Fashion is Now at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2015.

From 2001 to 2017, Valérie Lamontagne was an adjunct professor at Concordia University, where she earned a PhD in “Performative Wearables: Bodies, Fashion and Technology.” Since February 2018, she has been a professor of fashion research and technology at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Her mandate includes the study of emerging technology that can be applied to existing materials and production environments in the fashion industry. Although Valérie Lamontagne now works in the Netherlands, the activities of the Fashiontech Festival and 3lectromode remain based in Quebec.

Valérie Lamontagne © Dominique Lafond. Photo courtesy of Valérie Lamontagne


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