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Since 1934

Royer manufactures work boots and safety footwear. Its products are worn by workers in mines, foundries and aluminium smelters, as well as those in the petrochemical, agriculture, forestry and construction sectors.

Royer’s history dates back to 1934 in the Eastern Townships municipality of Lac-Drolet. Louis-Philippe Royer, trained as a cobbler, started making boots at home. In 1942, he opened his own tannery, which remained in operation for over half a century.

Management of the company was handed down from father to son. Henri Royer succeeded the founder in 1965, and Yves Royer took over the business in 1986. In 2015, however, Royer was purchased by Simon Larochelle, a longtime employee of the company. The business has nonetheless maintained its family atmosphere as many children of employees—often both parents have worked at the factory—have gone on to work there.

As of 2018, Royer was manufacturing 202 models of shoes and boots, nearly two-thirds of which were designed and produced in the Lac-Drolet plant with the remainder being assembled in Canada using 100% foreign-made components. Royer has noted increased demand for products made in Canada and plans to open a new factory in Sherbrooke in 2019.

Royer boots and shoes are sold at retailers on all continents.

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