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Reitmans (Canada) Limited


Since 1926

Façade of Reitmans's first store on St. Laurence Street (detail). Photo courtesy of Reitmans

Reitmans (Canada) Limited is one of Canada’s largest retailers of affordable ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The Company’s collections are designed in Canada while the bulk of production takes place outside the country.

A publicly traded company since 1947, it is now run by its founders’ grandchildren. Jeremy H. Reitman is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, while his brother Stephen F. Reitman is President and Chief Operating Officer.

The history of Reitmans began in 1926 when Herman and Sarah Reitman,  who immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe, opened Reitman’s Dry Goods General Store on Montreal’s St. Lawrence Boulevard.

Noting the popularity of their clothing department, the owners opened a second store devoted exclusively to women’s fashion. Herman and Sarah Reitman subsequently opened five other stores, one for each of their children—Louis, Sam, John, Dora and Jack.

As it expanded across the country over the years, Reitmans (Canada) Limited began to create new brands and acquire others.

The Company employs more than 7,000 employees of which 850 people work at the headquarters located on Sauvé Street West in Montreal. With approximately 600 stores across Canada, under five different banners, the Company produces over than 31 million fashionable products annually. The Reitmans banner sells everyday women’s clothing, including the active wear brand Hyba.  Addition Elle and Penningtons offer plus-size women’s clothing and accessories. RW&CO. caters to young, urban, working men and women. Finally, Thyme Maternity is designed for expectant and nursing mothers.

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