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Passion Chapeau


1997 - 1999

Passion Chapeau was a Laval millinery collective founded in 1997 by Héliane R. Alonzo, Thérèse Végiard, Monique Racine and Pauline Duguay. The following year, milliners Elisabeth Wannaz and Louise Salvail joined the group. Creations sporting the Passion Chapeau label were exhibited in Montreal galleries and stores and marketed by Héliane R. Alonzo. The collective went out of business following Héliane R. Alonzo’s death in 1999, but the remaining members have maintained their passion for hat-making. Thérèse Végiard, who was a milliner for Radio-Canada from 1972 to 1997, teaches millinery in various educational institutions. Monique Racine, Pauline Duguay, Louise Salvail and Elisabeth Wannaz all sell custom and ready-to-wear hats in their respective stores and ateliers.

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Cynthia Cooper, McCord Museum

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