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Oui, je le vœux…


Since 1994

Isabelle Leduc’s love for fashion existed well before the creation of her Montréal-based business in 1994. The store is specialized in wedding dresses and accessories. The idea came from one of the founder’s student project, for which she was asked to create a business which does not exist. She chose the bridal sector while wishing that her business project might become real.

She elaborates a brand new concept by offering recycled wedding dresses, available for sale or rental.

Attuned to her clientele’s needs, Isabelle Leduc gathers a vast selection of stylish and elegant dresses, scouring the planet for new trends. Her recycled wedding dresses are cleaned and refurbished, cared for until they can compete with the beauty and the quality of a brand-new dress. In today’s climate of environmental awareness, this approach to recycling makes perfect sense.

At its early stage, the company does not have the means to purchase new dresses. The dresses are then found in classified ads and regrouped under the same roof, to centralize the sales in a small boutique of the Plaza Saint-Hubert. The company will afterward offer new dresses to meet their customer’s demand. Over 2000 dresses and accessories are now available in store, intended for sale or rental.

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