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Original Killer Apparel


Since 2015

Tanya Innaarulik, who also goes by Tanya Mesher Jones, is a Montreal-based painter and fashion designer. Originally from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, she relocated to Montreal in 2010, and founded her fashion company in 2015.

Original Killer Apparel produces Inuit-inspired clothing, accessories and jewellery for men, women and children.

Innaarulik’s fashion designs are “a beautiful graphic clash of urban and Inuit culture.”

According to the brand’s Facebook page, Original Killer Apparel garments and accessories are made in limited quantities and can be purchased through the social media platform.

A self-taught painter, Innaarulik is inspired by her Inuit heritage and the Nunavik landscape. Her acrylic paintings depict “the Kuujjuaq landscape and its culture, from pine trees to fish to aurora borealis; her vibrant paintings are full of colour.” Innaarulik’s paintings have been included in gallery exhibitions, and were showcased at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with other Canadian Indigenous artists. Innaarulik aims to bring focus to Indigenous culture through her work; the artist and designer has said, “I would like to inspire non-native peoples to learn more about us and to respect all that we have lived, in such a short time.”


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