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Maurice Ferland

Born in Lac Megantic, 1951


1979 - 2003

One of the new designers to appear on the Quebec fashion scene in the early 1980s, Maurice Ferland enjoyed a long and prolific career. After studying Fashion Arts at Collège Marie-Victorin, he founded his own company in 1979 and created a collection of blouses under the label Les beaux frocs. In 1980, he launched the Maurice Ferland women’s ready-to-wear brand and opened a very successful store on St. Lawrence Boulevard. He designed and produced collections of comfortable, timeless clothing that featured ample, flowing lines and original details.

At the 1985 Clairol Fashion Award competition in Toronto, Maurice Ferland was selected as one of the top ten finalists from across Canada.

That same year, he closed his St. Lawrence Boulevard boutique to focus on designing and producing his collections, which were sold in numerous stores across Quebec and Ontario.

From 1987 to 1988, he operated a Maurice Ferland store in Toronto, which also sold several other Quebec labels. Around this time, he moved into a new workshop/store on Mont-Royal Avenue. His creations were sold in many places, notably at Revenge, the store launched in the late 1980s that played a key role in the recognition of Quebec fashion. In 1995, he moved to the town of Sutton in the Eastern Townships, where he founded L’Atelier-boutique au 14. In 1998, Elle Quebec magazine named him one of the 10 designers of the year. The Maurice Ferland store remained a reference for the fashion scene outside Montreal until 2003, when the designer shifted his business operations to kitchenware and refocussed his creative energy into sculpture.


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