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Since 1934

Malis-Henderson is a company specialized in refined bridal accessories. It has been founded 80 years ago by Daniel Henderson, as a millinery, and became specialized in the field of bridal fashion in the 1960s. In 1990, the daughter of the founder, Elen Henderson, succeeds him.

She creates unique and astonishing pieces using only the finest materials: Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and Japanese pearls, etc. selected from all around the world.

Each year, a brand new collection is showcased, featuring contemporary veils, beautiful headdresses, from diadems to combs, as well as assorting jewelry, which allow the company to position itself as a global leader in the bridal fashion industry.

Malis-Henderson is known for its ability to personalize every creation and to adapt it to any style. From the material selection to the assembling and to the wrapping, every task is done by hand with the greatest care. Everything is provided to make the wedding a singular event.

Malis-Henderson manufactures its products locally, in its own workshop, with qualified seamstresses. Some of them have over 35 years of work experience in the company. Elen Henderson designs all of the company’s collections. Malis Henderson imports materials and finished products, but also manufactures its own creations and personalizes them according to its client’s wishes. The design team is an added value for the company. These experts also customize and modify imported products. The control levels are strict and ensure an optimal quality for each and every one of the brand’s products. When the products are ready to be shipped, they undergo a final verification. They are then ready to be carefully wrapped and quickly sent to their new owner.

Malis-Henderson has been awarded many prizes, including the DEBI prize in 2003 and 2008, for which it was also been nominated numerous times, the DEBI being the highest and most coveted distinction in the bridal industry.

It also has been awarded the prestigious DIVA Award in 2004 and was selected in 2005 for its headdresses. Elen Henderson is the sole North American designer to have been awarded the British Bridal Buyer Award.

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