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Les Griffes de la Capitale


1996 - 1997

The Griffes de la Capitale was a Quebec City fashion show presented twice a year, in the spring and fall, in 1996 and 1997. It featured a dozen or so local designers, including Marie Dooley, Bertrand Marois, Jean-François Morissette, Hoang Nguyen (Autrefois Saïgon) and Annie Bellavance (Souris Mini). Several Montreal designers were also invited, such as Jean-Claude Poitras, Jean Airoldi, Simon Chang and Lyse Spénard.

The first show was held in March 1996 at the Centre de réception Laurentien, near the Colisée de Québec arena. That fall, the Griffes de la Capitale moved to Place Lebourgneuf. The show was presented twice, on two consecutive evenings. To promote a diversity of body types, public personalities—cultural journalists, businesspeople, political wives—were invited to model the clothing. Approximately 250 looks were presented on the runway before an audience of over 500 people per show.

The Griffes de la Capitale was an initiative of Sylvie Corriveau, a fashion journalist for the newspaper Le Soleil. The last show was held in September 1997.


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