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Larose Paris


Since 2012

Larose Paris workshop, 2016 © VSCO. Photo courtesy of Larose Paris

Larose Paris is a hat brand known primarily for its high-end five-panel caps made in luxury materials like merino wool, cashmere and rabbit felt. The brand sells other models as well, notably baseball caps, fedoras, cowboy hats and bucket hats.

Gigi Boglioli, designer of THE GIGI, and Isaac Larose, 2017 © Ko Tsuchiya. Photo courtesy of Larose Paris

Larose Paris was founded in 2012 by Canadian Isaac Larose and Frenchman Marc Beaugé, who met when the former was studying political science in Paris.

Although the company is registered in Quebec, it divides its activities between the two countries.

The hats are designed in Paris and produced by a business in the city of Caussade that has been making hats since 1946, while the inventory and online sales are managed in Quebec. The company’s products are available on its transactional Website and in approximately 50 stores in 13 countries.

Since its inception, Larose Paris has worked on collaborations with various brands like Missoni in Italy and Frank and Oak in Canada, attracting international media attention from publications like Vogue magazine and The Wall Street Journal newspaper.

Larose Paris workshop, 2016 © VSCO. Photo courtesy of Larose Paris

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