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KOMBI Sports inc.


Since 1961

New magnetic closure captures an ISPO prize (detail), 2018 © Maxime Messier. Photo courtesy of KOMBI

KOMBI Sports Inc. is a company specialized in cold weather accessories—notably gloves, socks and base layers—for men, women and children. Its products are made of high-performance synthetic fabrics and natural materials like leather, down and merino wool.

KOMBI Sports was founded in 1961 by Danny Gold, a member of the McGill University ski team in Montreal. He started his company after developing a ski glove with knuckle protection. To make his products, he turned to the Gold Glove Company, a manufacturer founded by his grandfather Isaac Gold in 1911.

When Danny Gold retired, his partner Edward Pascal became the owner. As of 2018, Pascal is still chairman of the board of KOMBI Sports while his son Mark Pascal is president of the company.

Most KOMBI accessories are made in Asia. The company has a permanent office in Shanghai with a nine-person staff to monitor production quality and ensure that health and safety standards are respected in its factories. In addition, some accessories are now made in Europe and Canada. KOMBI products are sold on the company’s Website and in 1,500 stores across Canada and in 20 other countries. Thirty or so people work in the company’s head office, which is located on Ferrier Street in Montreal.

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