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Groupe Minimome inc.


Since 1983

Minimôme (Deux par Deux), Fall-Winter 2003-2004 Collection © Marie-Reine Mattera. Photo

Groupe Minimome Inc. is a Montreal company specialized in children’s clothing. It is known primarily for its Deux par Deux brand of affordably priced ready-to-wear that includes everything from bathing suits to snowsuits, along with everyday clothing and accessories. Minimome also produces the Blanc de Blanc clothing brand and collections for various private labels. For example, it has produced and distributed children’s ski suits for the Louis Garneau brand since 2016.

The history of Groupe Minimome began in 1983 when it was founded by the couple Claude Diwan and Maurice Elmaleh, natives of Lebanon and Morocco, respectively.

The company was originally called Layette Minimome Inc. The Deux par Deux brand was created three years later. In the beginning, all the clothing was made locally. However, in 2005, the Groupe moved its production to China to remain competitive.

Layette Minimome Inc. changed its name to Groupe Minimome Inc. in 2017. As of 2018, Claude Diwan was still the president and head designer of the company, while Maurice Elmaleh had been retired since 2016. Their son, Zacharie Elmaleh, is vice-president of the family business after having worked various jobs in the company since he was a teen. He is expected to take over Groupe Minimome Inc. The head office on Chabanel Street has a staff of 25.

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