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Gina Antinozzi

Born in Montreal, 1960


1980s - about 1993

A self-taught designer, Gina Antinozzi was part of a group of new designers that emerged in the 1980s. She designed jewellery and various accessories that were partnered with clothing creations, notably those by Jean-Claude Poitras and Edwin Birch. An active member of the board of directors of the Association des nouveaux créateurs de mode, she helped achieve recognition for accessories designers. After a number of remarkable presentations, notably a collection of spectacular masks at a 1989 fashion show at the Spectrum, she changed her focus and began creating decorative objects. In the 1990s, she moved to the Laurentians to develop a practice as a multidisciplinary artist.


Roy, Viviane. “Gina Antinozzi, le confort et la différence”, Voir, vol. 3, no 19, 6-12 April 1989.

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Cynthia Cooper, McCord Museum

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