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FIG Clothing


Since 2005

2017 Collection © David Curleigh. Photo courtesy of FIG

FIG Clothing is an affordable, ready-to-wear brand of travel clothing for active women. Made of stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, the garments are comfortable, versatile and easy to clean. With their clean, elegant style, they can easily be worn on the beach, at a museum or to the airport, simply by changing accessories.

The company was founded in 2005 by Mélanie Ellezam, and then purchased in 2009 by Yan Bariteau, who had been working as a sales rep for the brand for four years. As of 2018, the offices of FIG Clothing are located in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood. About 80% of the clothes are produced locally, with the balance made in factories in Shanghai and Taiwan. The clothing is sold via the FIG Clothing online store and in 245 stores in Canada and the United States.

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