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Chantal Bensoussan


1972 - 2002

Chantal Bensoussan worked as a women’s fashion designer, selling her clothing in Canada and the United States from 1985 to 2002. Her collections of high-end ready-to-wear primarily featured suits and evening wear. Made in imported European fabrics, the clothing was produced entirely in Montreal.

Born Chantal Ribeault in France, Chantal Bensoussan began her fashion career in 1972 working as a buyer and then a clothing designer for Galeries Lafayette in the city of Nice. In 1974, she moved to Quebec where she met her husband and started a family.

In 1985, she launched a company, Marie-Chantal Inc., to create evening wear under the Cocktail label.

Her studio and wholesale showroom were on Chabanel Street in Montreal’s fashion district.

In 2002, Chantal Bensoussan closed her business, noting that it was impossible to sell her designs at prices that could compete with brands that had relocated their production to Asia. She then left the fashion industry entirely.


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