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Angela Bucaro


1979 - 2001

Before working as a designer for Beverini, Kovac Mfg. and J.C. Kids Inc., Angela Bucaro studied fashion design at Montreal’s Concordia University. In 1983, she launched an initial collection of reversible coats that was well received. This success encouraged her to found her own label, Angela Bucaro Designs, in 1988. The designer produced clothing for active women.

She became known primarily for her mix-and-match knitwear as well as her fur designs.

Entering the export market in 1992, by 1995 she was exporting 20% of her production to Europe and the United States. In the 1990s, she received several awards for her entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to fashion design. She was the winner of the Arista Sun Life Award from Montreal’s Young Chamber of Commerce in 1993, a Fur Council of Canada award in 1994 and again in 1988, and three Matinée Fashion Foundation grants in 1993, 1994 and 1996. She wrapped up her business activities in 2001 and closed officially in 2006.


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DOI 10.3917/riges.334.0022

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