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Creation and fitting session on a live model, 2016 © Etienne Lalonde. Photo courtesy of Maison Marie Saint Pierre

Actors in the history of fashion in Quebec

An achievement of the McCord Museum

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  • Designer

    Anastasia Radevich, 2014 © Nikolai Yur. Photo courtesy of Anastasia Radevich

    Philippe Dubuc © John Londono / Dress to Kill. Photo courtesy of Philippe Dubuc

    Ying Gao, 2019 © Malina Corpadean. Photo courtesy of Ying Gao

    Unknown photographer, Workshop, Salon Marie-Paule Nolin, 420 Bonsecours Street, Montreal (detail), about 1965. Marie-Paule Nolin Fonds C726, McCord Museum

    Jean-Claude Poitras, 2019 © Alexis K. Laflamme

  • Brand

    Canadian Hat catalogue. Photo courtesy of Canadian Hat

    Promotional campaign. Photo courtesy of La Canadienne

    Dress (detail), Joseph Ribkoff, about 1970-1975. Gift of Gisèle Sicard, M2007.99.1 © McCord Museum

    Saute-Mouton (detail), 2017 © Marc Couture. Photo courtesy of Les Chaussures Saute-Mouton

    Message Factory tag, 2018 © Message Factory. Photo courtesy of Message Factory

  • Manufacturer

    Workshop. Photo courtesy of Second Clothing

    Old advertisement © Chaussures Régence. Image courtesy of Chaussures Régence

    Workshop at 1652 St. Marc Avenue, Shawinigan, 2018 © Shawn Bennett. Photo courtesy of Fourrures Lemieux

    Corset (detail), Dominion Corset Co. Ltd., about 1910-1920. Gift of the Centre national de recherche et de diffusion du costume, M2009.41.12.1-2 © McCord Museum

    Jacket (detail), Beverini Inc., about 1972. Gift of John Warden Boutique, M972.109.2.1 © McCord Museum

  • Retailer

    First Le Château store, 1959. Photo courtesy of Le Château

    Catalogue, Dupuis Frères, 1955. Gift of Alex Cawadias, M2007.68.6.1 © McCord Museum

    General 54 boutique, 2018 © Jennifer Glasgow. Photo courtesy of Général 54

    Shirt (detail), Bovet, about 1965. Gift of the Estate of Phil Himes, M2008.107.12 © McCord Museum

    Interior of the boutique, 2013 © Unicorn. Photo courtesy of Unicorn

  • Organization

    École supérieure de mode's classroom © Nathalie St-Pierre. Photo courtesy of École supérieure de mode

    Workshop © Frédéric Bouchard. Photo courtesy of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal

    Thomas Murphy attending a master improvement class © Laurence Drubigny. Photo courtesy of Centre des métiers du cuir de Montréal

    Workshop © Frédéric Bouchard. Photo courtesy of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal

    Workshop © Frédéric Bouchard. Photo courtesy of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal

  • Promotion

    About 1978 © Richard Arless Jr. Photo courtesy of François Guenet

  • Topic

    Quebec Pavilion Hostess Hat, Anita Pineault, 1967. Gift of the Quebec Pavilion, M967.93.2 © McCord Museum

    Motorcycle jacket (detail), Morris Leather Garments, 1950s. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Leith, M2001.87.1 © McCord Museum

    Ensemble (detail), Marielle Fleury, 1966. Gift of Marielle Fleury Boutique Inc., M972.104.4.1-4 © McCord Museum

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Inspired and Inspiring: The Next Wave of Quebec Fashion Designers

Fashion at the Museum

Come meet young designers from various areas of fashion to discuss the influences, challenges and realities of working in the today’s fashion industry. MarkAntoine Lynch Boisvert (MarkAntoine), Alex Surprenant and Mélodie Lavergne (Fumile Chapelier) and Rosalie Lemay, Pretend Play. Discussion moderated by Stéphane Le Duc, author at Dress to KILL Magazine and a teacher at the ESG-UQAM École supérieure de mode.

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