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Hat (detail), J. B. Laliberté, about 1900. Gift of Mr. Châteauguay Perrault and Valérie Migneault Perrault, M999.54.52 © McCord Museum

Actors in the history of fashion in Quebec

An achievement of the McCord Museum

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  • Designer

    Anastasia Radevich, 2014 © Nikolai Yur. Photo courtesy of Anastasia Radevich

    Philippe Dubuc © John Londono / Dress to Kill. Photo courtesy of Philippe Dubuc

    Ying Gao, 2019 © Malina Corpadean. Photo courtesy of Ying Gao

    Unknown photographer, Workshop, Salon Marie-Paule Nolin, 420 Bonsecours Street, Montreal (detail), about 1965. Marie-Paule Nolin Fonds C726, McCord Museum

    Jean-Claude Poitras, 2019 © Alexis K. Laflamme

  • Brand

    Canadian Hat catalogue. Photo courtesy of Canadian Hat

    Promotional campaign. Photo courtesy of La Canadienne

    Dress (detail), Joseph Ribkoff, about 1970-1975. Gift of Gisèle Sicard, M2007.99.1 © McCord Museum

    Saute-Mouton (detail), 2017 © Marc Couture. Photo courtesy of Les Chaussures Saute-Mouton

    Message Factory tag, 2018 © Message Factory. Photo courtesy of Message Factory

  • Manufacturer

    Workshop. Photo courtesy of Second Clothing

    Old advertisement © Chaussures Régence. Image courtesy of Chaussures Régence

    Workshop at 1652 St. Marc Avenue, Shawinigan, 2018 © Shawn Bennett. Photo courtesy of Fourrures Lemieux

    Corset (detail), Dominion Corset Co. Ltd., about 1910-1920. Gift of the Centre national de recherche et de diffusion du costume, M2009.41.12.1-2 © McCord Museum

    Jacket (detail), Beverini Inc., about 1972. Gift of John Warden Boutique, M972.109.2.1 © McCord Museum

  • Retailer

    First Le Château store, 1959. Photo courtesy of Le Château

    Catalogue, Dupuis Frères, 1955. Gift of Alex Cawadias, M2007.68.6.1 © McCord Museum

    General 54 boutique, 2018 © Jennifer Glasgow. Photo courtesy of Général 54

    Shirt (detail), Bovet, about 1965. Gift of the Estate of Phil Himes, M2008.107.12 © McCord Museum

    Interior of the boutique, 2013 © Unicorn. Photo courtesy of Unicorn

  • Organization

    École supérieure de mode's classroom © Nathalie St-Pierre. Photo courtesy of École supérieure de mode

    Workshop © Frédéric Bouchard. Photo courtesy of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal

    Thomas Murphy attending a master improvement class © Laurence Drubigny. Photo courtesy of Centre des métiers du cuir de Montréal

    Workshop © Frédéric Bouchard. Photo courtesy of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal

    Workshop © Frédéric Bouchard. Photo courtesy of Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal

  • Promotion

    About 1978 © Richard Arless Jr. Photo courtesy of François Guenet

  • Topic

    Quebec Pavilion Hostess Hat, Anita Pineault, 1967. Gift of the Quebec Pavilion, M967.93.2 © McCord Museum

    Motorcycle jacket (detail), Morris Leather Garments, 1950s. Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Leith, M2001.87.1 © McCord Museum

    Ensemble (detail), Marielle Fleury, 1966. Gift of Marielle Fleury Boutique Inc., M972.104.4.1-4 © McCord Museum

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Discover the exhibition Parachute: Subversive Fashion of the ‘80s which will explore Parachute’s androgynous and provocative clothing, and the company’s transformation from its subcultural New Wave beginnings, to a designer brand with concept stores in cities including Montreal, New York and Los Angeles.

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